Dear World,

I think my favorite thing in life are fireworks. They remind us to look upward and to live life in full, bright colors. Aren’t you just filled with hope when you see the whole sky sparkle? Pope John Paul 2 said that beauty reminds us to, “Savor life and dream of the future”. Whether it be a song, a painting, or a sky full of bright lights, beauty has a way of making us believe in life again.

The sad thing is fireworks don’t last. In minutes they are gone, and I guess that’s what I don’t like about them. I really hate saying goodbye.

The long June portion of the Boardwalk Tour is now over. I am back in Virginia for the month of July and trying my best to see the good in routine and sleeping in the same bed every night, but the truth is I am heartbroken. My spirit is shaped like some thing always in motion. My two favorite things in life are art and traveling, and touring is a beautiful combination of these things. The whole world glitters with newness and music. Each night something just magical would happen like a gift from heaven, and at end of the tour I arranged these gifts till they created the most splendid bouquet of memories. This is not to say that every moment was easy but the difficulties were only because I wanted more of it, more people at the shows, but also more music, but mainly more time. But time ran wild till it was time to say goodbye.

For everyone who came to the shows, I will never forget the joy you brought me. Thank you to the dairy farmers who drove two hours to see a show in Minneapolis, to a mom in Richmond who brought her whole moms group, to a little boy in New Jersey who listens to “Angeline” on repeat, to a couple in Pittsburgh who drove from Baltimore just to hear me sing “You’re Not Alone, and thank you to everyone else who thought it was worth their evening to buy a ticket. My heart is yours. I would be lost in this musical world without my amazing manager and team who planned this whole thing and terribly lonely on the journey without Tess Miller, Jesse Isley, and John Hollier who sounded so incredible every night.

You are my sky full of light.

I’ve included some photos from the tour. See below.



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