Dear World,

Spring is a season of renewal, rebirth, remaking. Easter invites us to believe that things can be made new, that the end of the story is a good one, that our story is a good one.

This winter has been a LONG one with snow still on the forecast…..grrreat. I can barely imagine the feeling of bare feet against soft green grass, of warm breezes dancing across fields sprinkled with wild flowers, windows rolled down, music on and every dream seeming a little more possible just because it’s a perfectly sunny Sunday afternoon. But believe it or not, it’s coming!

My sister Michelle once said, “Sometimes resurrection takes longer than three days.” When we are dealing with painful situations in our lives it can feel like it will literally never end, like a winter that lasts forever. I’m reminded of C.S Lewis’ White Witches’ Narnia, “Always winter. Never Christmas.”

But every year brilliant colors spring out of once frozen ground. New Dreams. New Loves. New Life. I think that’s why every year Easter is waiting for us with open arms – to remind us that the end of our story is spring.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After,


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