Dearest Stan,

Today is your birthday. I am so thankful for this day, because today brought you into the world and ultimately into our home. My oldest sister Justina fell in love with you and brought you to Glenway for Thanksgiving in 2015. Little did I know how much you would bless all the lives of the Millers with your strength, kindness, and incredible cooking skills, not to mention your ability to install bathroom sinks and fix 200 year old doors. You have an amazing artistic eye and the type of personality that is up for anything. These qualities are essential in this artsy, crazy family. You have made my sister so happy, and I will never ever stop thanking you for this. With so many sisters in the family many men have come and gone, and it is my delight that you are the first to stay forever. My cup runneth over.

Your new sister


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