Dear World,

This summer was kind of terrible. It was not at all tragic, but it was just sort of miserable. A falling out with a friend, major heartache, and an almost frozen like music career was the perfect trifecta for my oh so horrible summer. And yet despite it all, I found myself surprised by dozens and dozens of curious times when joy almost violently broke through my misery. This would happen at a baseball game when the summer night was exactly as it should or at a dinner date with my grandfather who is exceedingly more hipster than me. Other times it would present itself in a conversation while Irish music blared in the background or while eating pizza in a Wichita hotel room with a dear friend I never get to see. Once I felt it on a walk near my sweet little Virginia home, and my heart almost burst from the emotion. These moments were varied in kind but always left me with the same glorious feeling.

So today I begin to document my life, not only as a musician (new music and videos to come!), but as someone who grew up in beautiful rural Virginia in a house named Glenway with my nine siblings and the most wonderful parents you’ve ever met. This will also be where I share my thoughts on all those nerdy things I enjoy, such as old movies, documentaries, and, of course, books.

What I have learned from my terrible summer is that my life is curiously beautiful.




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