Dear World,

(Turn on the song at the bottom while reading post!)

Change comes as surely as anything in this life, and it is still my least favorite thing. I feel like all of my 20’s was wrecked in a hurricane of change, and now I am digging through the rubble finding old pictures and broken pieces of glass, searching listlessly for something that feels remotely like home. In the midst of my melancholic search I have stumbled upon a cover of Cat Steven’s “The Wind” by a lovely artist named Jennifer O’Conner. The first time I heard the original was in an internet cafe in Calcutta, India. I was just 21 years old. The world was full of possibility, and the wind was taking me somewhere truly wonderful and wild.

Well today I am just 28, and I am at it again. The wind calls me somewhere seemingly much stranger and wilder. I guess the only thing to ask myself is if I am ready for such an adventure. Change is almost beautiful when I think of it more like a soft, warm breeze calling me farther across the medium of life. My mama came in the room while I was writing this post, and she told me that growing up she loved Cat Stevens and that this song brought her home, and she brings me home, and the wind calls us both.

“I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul where I’ll end up where I think only God really knows.”

Photo Credit: Stan Murzyn Photography

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