The Story Behind The Song

by Oct 25, 2016Thoughts

Dear World,

I wrote “This Side of Paradise” with Ian Fitchuck and Peter Groenwald on a perfect spring day in East Nashville. I was having a pretty terrible week, and I wanted to write a song that recognized the difficulties of life while still remaining hopeful and resilient. Little did I know what kind of summer was ahead of me. Read Thoughts On a Terrible Summer to learn more, but this was just the beginning of a series of unfortunate events. Yes indeed, unbeknownst to the writers this song was a prophetess.

A flash of light burning red
Lit up the night, hit my head
And ran through every single broken bone

A crash of sound ringing out
Lost and found, one way now
To get off this neverending run around

The first verse paints a picture of a girl coming out of wreckage. The chorus is her new anthem

Oh we still got the moonlight
Everything is alright
It’s where you want to be
It’s what you want to see
Oh this side of paradise

I am slowly learning this life is not a walk in the park but an adventure. All great adventures include moments of danger, pain, and fear. In those times, just a little light can guide us. “This Side of Paradise” was my invitation to bravery and acceptance, because no matter what happens, we’ve still got the moonlight.

We’re gonna make it this time darlin
Someway, somehow…



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