Dear World, 

Last night I was looking up at the sky thinking and dreaming with only the company of two or three stars and an airplane (thanks Nashville light pollution), and I was just overwhelmed with gratitude and hope. 

This fall and winter were easily not my favorites. I was feeling directionless in my work and consequently filled my life with more empty distraction than purpose. It happened slowly like brown leaves falling into quiet graves of cold ground till one day I woke up frozen inside. 

Some winters have a way of seeping into our souls.

So when my heart cracked I didn’t realize it was just the ice breaking and nothing warm or dear to me at all was lost.

My mama said to me the other day, “Marie, you were born in the spring.” She is always right. 

This new music is a rebirth for me. I am returning back home to folkier music and lyrics and the earthiness that I lost along the way. I can’t express how much I want you to hear it. 

It is all the things warm and dear to me.



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