Reasons to have a big family Reasons #2, #3, and #4.

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Dear World,

Continuing my last post’s brilliant argument for having a bunch of kids, I’ll focus on some of the sisterly advantages.

2. You basically own as many closets of clothes as you have sisters. In this image I am not wearing a single article of clothing that I took the time to pick out or spent a penny paying for. This includes the boots. Thanks Tess.


  1. You almost always have a wing woman. That is someone who will make it easier for you to talk to that hunk of an accountant who you’ve been dying to meet all night. The only concern you should always have is whether or not your sister has her eye on the same guy which are thoughts for a whole other blog entitled “The worst thing that could possibly happen in life”. 
  2. No one can tell you apart, so if you just did something really embarrassing last weekend, (why didn’t someone just take that mic away from me at karaoke night?) no one even really knows if that was you or just one of your sisters. It practically didn’t happen at that point.

Sisters are utilitarian goldmines in my opinion, and I love you Justina, Carol Lynn, Tess, Michelle, and Megan. SO. MUCH.


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