Reasons to have a big family Reason #6

by Jan 20, 2017Uncategorized

Continuing my series on Reasons to have a big family , I think it is safe to say this reason will convince you:

6. There is always someone home to preheat the oven.

How many times have you craved that frozen pizza on the top shelf of the freezer but decided against it due to the sad knowledge that by the time that pizza will be ready you will have already eaten your weight in semi-stale tortilla chips? With preheating the oven,  You will have to wait 40 minutes to satisfy your white carb/fat craving. Let’s not forget frozen french fries, tostitos, mozzarella sticks, and buffalo wings all light years away from our greedy mouths. I remember being super sad about something (I can’t remember what, so I must have gotten over it) and called my sister Michelle to inform her that it was a frozen food situation. Arriving home to a blazing oven and being able to pop that lasagna right in there was just another confirmation that having a lot of people just makes more sense.



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