Dear World,

As many of you know I have nine siblings. Some people strongly oppose having lots of children for one reason or another, so I have taken it upon myself to periodically write posts to convince all the skeptics out there that it’s great to have a ton of kids.

REASON #1 When you have a lot of kids there’s a pretty good chance one of your daughters (in this case my sister Tess) will date a guy who owns a tree service business and can easily do stuff like this. 

Exhibit A – Steveimg_0607

And then put it all in his truck….


And then get your sister to do hard labor FOR FREE while you watch FOR FREE


If this doesn’t convince you (I don’t really get why not), stay tuned for more philosophical reasons why it’s great to have a big family.



P.S If you actually need Tree Service  – Timber Works (Tess not included)

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