Music For All Our Ears (Part 2)

by Nov 28, 2016Music For All Our Ears

Dear World,

Greetings from Beijing!

I am so late to the game here it’s silly, but “Cleopatra” by the Lumineers is an amazing album. Songs like “Angela” and “In the Light” crack your heart open with haunting melodies and thoughtful lyrics.  The singles “Ophelia” and “Cleopatra” interweave themselves into this piece of work in such a way that they are better heard in the context of the whole thing.  The music is melancholic but not necessarily depressing, and it seems to call you to grow and change, to reflect. “Cleopatra” ushered me into NYC two weeks ago and now Bejing. I hope it is your soundtrack this weekend even if you’re as late to the game as I was.  Here’s a video of “Gun Song” filmed at World Cafe. I’ll be there performing December 3rd!

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