I spent most of Saturday at home in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with my nine year old sister Megan. This weekend was a textbook perfect Virginia autumn weekend, so her choice of activities included two parks, one apple orchard, and a pumpkin patch.

Side note, I adore the reality that Megan loves her autumn vibes, but she has no idea what a PSL (pumpkin spice latte) is yet. Actually she is blissfully unaware of most of consumeristic American culture, with the exception of the Disney movie Frozen which no young child is safe from. Even the bravest and wisest of children have been spotted singing “Let it go”.

Anyway…..The day started with coffee (duh) and swings…


Then on to the apple orchard for apple picking, which actually ending up just being a place where you buy apples. Oops.

Me: See you pick your apple out of the box.

Megan: You said we could pick from the trees.

Me: If you don’t complain, you can listen to Frozen in the car.

Lastly we went to my favorite place of all. img_0796

What can I say? I just love pumpkins. I don’t know what is, but there is something so magical about them. Their color is such a vibrant, sweet color. It amazes me how nature generousaly bring us such incredibly bright hues during the autumn season.

I also love to carve pumpkins, so after picking out three bigs ones we headed home to begin the creative process.


By far the best part is getting your hands all messy as you dig into an endless world of beautiful orange mush.


And then there’s the clean up part.

Over all Saturday was a success. I spend so much of my life thinking I will have the life I want when “fill in the blanks” happens. Life is only today. This is my life. No Grammys included. Children teach us many things, and this weekend Megan taught me once again that there is incredible freedom in living in the present.


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