Flowers For A Tomboy

by Nov 3, 2016Thoughts

Dear World,

I’ve always been a little awkward receiving flowers. This is not to imply that I have young men buying me flowers all the time, but the few times they have I’ve just felt a little silly. Growing up a stark tomboy probably has a lot to do with it. Flowers were for “girly-girls” as if somehow femininity made you stupid and fragile. By the way it doesn’t. 

My dad is an amazing gift giver. He showers gifts on his wife and daughters usually when we least expect it. He also has his annual gift giving days, and I would dislike Valentine’s Day (for all the obvious hipster reasons) except that’s the day I know my dad is going to get me Trader Joe’s candy, wine and even flowers.

Last week my new song come out, and my dad came home with these beautiful roses. I love him for never being afraid to get flowers for his tomboy. So all you boys who are in love with your very own Joan of Arcs, don’t be afraid to get her flowers. And for all you Joan of Arcs, it’s ok to like pretty things.


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