Beijing Is For Lovers

by Nov 27, 2016Thoughts

Dear World,

Several people asked me why I decided to go to Beijing and Tokyo on vacation this year. I always answered with one of these three responses:

  1. My brother wanted to go, and so I decided to tag along.
  2. Why not?!
  3. I wanted to get as far away from my life as possible.

Always having a flare for the melodramatic, the 3rd reason is only about 10% true. Yet there is something thrilling about becoming a complete stranger in a totally new world. Sadly, my adventurous spirit stops at new cuisines. Lets’s just say I ate a lot of rice. Overall, I feel so blessed to be surprised by beauty in such a foreign place, especially with my dear brother Joe. Here are some photographic highlights. Stay tuned for my Tokyo blog later this week.

The Forbidden City housed 24 Chinese emperors and was what inspired the architecture in my favorite Disney movie Mulan. 



This is me at the Great Wall.


This is my brother at the great wall.img_0865

Below is Panijuyan Market where you can buy mostly fake antiques. I bought two super cute Chinese tea cups. 



This is Temple of Heaven  where the Emperors would come to pray for a good harvest, and where I went to try and take a good Instagram picture. 



Sometimes you meet your future husband on a billboard in China 


Lastly, this is a photo of the Lama Temple (my favorite part of the trip!). See how the incense rises to the sky. So beautiful! img_0799



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