Dear World,

How do I describe how much I love singing on stage? Its strange to me to love something so much. Time suspends itself and melodies fill the air like perfume. I can almost see the music sparkle like soft twinkle lights in the dimly lit theatre. Its all consuming. Not even sadness can get in. My heart all wrapped up and waiting finally knows its purpose. Its a gift to give yourself away. The Christmas tour was really special. To sing about Christmas for a whole month was a unique way to get into the spirit. I got all my shopping done yesterday morning with my little sister Megan in our small town in under an hour, very different than the long hours in a busy mall in previous years. I wrote a song about a month ago that I sang every night on the tour, my favorite moment I think in my whole set. The song is called “More Than Christmas Snow”. It’s about falling in love so hard that you are willing to give up something as precious as a winter wonderland (and anything else that seems

essential to your holiday) for the one you love. To be honest, I’ve never felt like that before. I love my family and I’ve never thought of leaving them for another human being, but I caught a glimmer of it once during a dance and it made my heart expand. It’s kind of funny to write a song about a dream, but it was amazing to hear the stories from listeners who really had someone they loved that much. They told me about moving to new warm places and saying goodbye to the life they knew for the ones they loved. So here’s the lyrics and a little iPhone recording. Merry Christmas my beautiful reader.

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Christmas time was always cold

Waiting on that first snow

But I guess where you come from its always warm

I looked at the forecast and it’s 64

So wrap my heart with red and green paper

And our very first kiss in a bright silver bow

Cause of the boy who never sees the cold

I want under the mistletoe

And I’d love you more than Christmas Snow

Tell me everything about

This boy I can not do without

And where your family picks out the tree every single year

And why when you smile the whole world disappears

I never imagine Christmas anywhere else

But I’d move to mars to stay in his arms

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