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To My New Brother

Dearest Stan, Today is your birthday. I am so thankful for this day, because today brought you into the world and ultimately into our home. My oldest sister Justina fell in love with you and brought you to Glenway for Thanksgiving in 2015. Little did I know how much...

Dear Miss Austen: An apology letter to Jane Austen

Dear Miss Austen, By the time I was fifteen years old I had read all your books and watched all the film adaptations with a firm belief that your books were too fluffy for a serious reader like myself. I thanked you briefly for your ability to lead me to real...

A Love Letter To F. Scott Fitzgerald

My Dear Francis, I recently reread the "Great Gatsby" after watching the 1978 adaptation starring Robert Redford. After watching so many different adaptations, I had lost sight of what was your book and what was the directors/writers artistic license. After reading...

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